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Medals As a Prize

A medal is a small portable artistic object, normally coin-like in appearance and carrying a design on one or both sides. It may have a commemorative or award-giving purpose and is often made of metal. It can be struck like a coin, die-struck, or cast in a mold. Medals are sometimes called medallions although they are not to be confused with medals of the type typically worn hung from clothing (see decoration, military award, and service awards). Medals come in many shapes and sizes, from a fraction of an inch in diameter up to several inches or more. Historically, medals were intended to be worn, suspended from clothing or jewellery, and they may have been carried in a pouch or worn on a ribbon around the neck.

In Europe, from the late Middle medaljer som premier Ages onwards it became common for kings and other nobles to award their supporters medals as tokens of loyalty or to reward good service. They were also used to show off and display their status, with the finest and most precious metals being employed in the highest rank medals.

The medal was the dominant form of award in the 19th century, although other types such as badges, crosses, and bar-and-star insignia were used to indicate different ranks. Throughout the world, medals continue to be awarded as an expression of appreciation for achievement in sport, academic, cultural, or various other fields. They are also presented to military personnel for acts of heroism or for achievement in war, peacekeeping operations, and humanitarian missions.

The obverse of the medal contains a portrait, pictorial scene or other image along with an inscription. The reverse is not always used and may be left blank or contain a secondary design. The edge is found occasionally employed to display an inscription such as the maker’s mark, serial numbers, the composition or sometimes a motto.

In physics, medals have been awarded for research achievements that advance knowledge across all fields of the discipline including theoretical, mathematical, computational and experimental physics. A prize, a certificate, and an invitation to speak at the APS Medal Ceremony and Reception are awarded to the winners of this distinguished award.

Unique custom medals are a fantastic way to differentiate your event from the competition. Medals can have a big impact on the participant experience and are often one of the factors that people factor into their choice of events to attend. They can also be used as a powerful marketing tool for your brand, encouraging people to talk about your event, promote it on social media and share their experiences. The quality of the medals that you choose to award your participants with will have a significant influence on their perception of your event and will determine whether they want to return to it in the future. For example, if two hockey tournaments give out the same standard medal, which tournament will people rave about and recommend to others?

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